01 December 2011

Escape of the Demon

Today, I dreamt that I was in a building where a well for water was being dug. There were TV monitors against the wall of that building and I was watching it with about two more people. We were monitoring a huge room in another building. There were no furnitures inside that room. The floor was made of polished wood and on the floor were blocks of wood with inscriptions on them. I could not read the inscription. It was not written with letters that I can understand. Despite that, I knew that the inscription was meant to keep what was under the floorboards to remain there.

It was almost the end of my shift. As I was looking in the monitor, I noticed that one of the blocks was missing but I didn't know which one it was. I told my comrades about it. We started going through all the blocks when all of a sudden, the well that was being dug started to collapse. We also noticed that the plants outside were starting to dry up. Suddenly, it began to get really dark outside, like it was already nighttime. Then it started to rain really hard.

I suddenly woke up thinking, I won't be able to go home.