17 October 2010

Recurring Dream: Being Chased by a Vampire

My very first recurring dream I experienced when I was a little kid until maybe a year after High School:

I would be in the hallway of my school, except it was not a school. It was a hotel. It was really dark and silent. The doors were so far apart, it would take almost a minute to run from one door to another.

There was a vampire on the loose and I was trying to run away from it and look for someone who could help me at the same time. I ran and ran until my uncle came out from one of the rooms. He was carrying my unconscious mother. He said the vampire bit her and that I should go and look for help. So I ran and ran again until I got to the end of the hallway where the main door was.

Outside, there was a doorman. He was wearing a dark gray hotel uniform. I no longer remember how he looked like. I asked for help but all he said was, “Someone wants to talk to you.” Then he hands me a ruler. On that was a face, like a child’s drawing, wearing a vampire’s cloak. That face talked to me. I was so afraid that the vampire might see me through the ruler but I tried to keep my fear from showing.

Whatever we talked about, I no longer remember. I never saw the real vampire in my dream, just the face in the ruler. And every time I had that dream, it was exactly the same.

According to Dream.net.au, recurring dreams are reminders from our unconscious mind that there is something that we need to address. If it is something that we are running away from (like I was in this dream), it means we are trying to escape from a certain issue. This issue could either be good or bad (Yes, sometimes we DO run away from good things we think we cannot handle). Additionally, the site says that to break this dream cycle, while awake, one can visualize facing whatever it is that is chasing us and confronting it. So that when we get into our recurring dream, we can face up to our chasers and end the recurring dream for good.

One of my school teachers once told my class that in one of her recurring dreams, she faced the hunters who were running after her and demanded to know why they were doing what they did. They replied that she was the one who called them because she wanted advice for a certain issue she was going through in real life. I think she got the advice. She didn’t tell us the issue or the advice, though.

FYI, dreams where we are being chased is the number one kind of recurring dream that we have according to TopTenz.net.

Colored Dreams

I read somewhere that before colored television, people had black and white dreams. My dreams are definitely colored. These also feel so real. Sometimes, I can even feel the breeze or smell the flowers. So that when I am put on a spot (like when I have to tell a secret) I usually think first if I am in a dream (so I can say this piece of information) or I am awake (meaning I can’t tell). Are yours like these, too?

In the following posts, I will writing down some of my experiences while sleeping…